Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator

Greetings Sorors of the Notable Northeastern Region ,

I am humbled and honored to serve as your 2014-2016 Undergraduate Chapter Coordinator . In this role, I hope to make a mighty impact on our region by supporting our undergraduate sorors and providing them with a Sigma toolkit of strategies for success not only in Sigma but in life as well. I also will work side by side with our dedicated advisors to strengthen their skillsets, and put structures in place for sharing of best practices.  It is my belief that …Together we can achieve anything when we come together with a sense of intention and deliberateness to strengthen Sigma.

As we begin to put our regional theme Sigma Impact: Committed to Service, Guided by Sisterhood into action, I ask that all Sorors of the Northeastern Region think deeply and reflect on our beautiful pledge, and truly think about the impact we want to make in our communities, the impact on our campuses, and the impact with our sorors.  I know, our Sigma impact will change the world for the better.

UCC Tiffany L. Davis-Nealy